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Thread: Smooth Zoom In Effect on Animated GIF?

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    Smooth Zoom In Effect on Animated GIF?

    Hello, everyone.

    On my website, I want to have a picture of a map, and I want the picture to zoom in to show the region I'm talking about on my site. I've been thinking about using an Animated GIF to do this, for the sake of simplicity and making the site accessible to as many users as possible.

    The thing is, though, in order for this to look nice, I don't want to have a bumpy zoom effect, like I've seen on some other animated GIFs that do this. I want the zoom to flow nicely, almost like a video - which obviously means having more cells for the GIF.

    The good news is my map only uses three colors, so it looks like each cell is only going to take about 3.5KB. So space-wise, it looks like this is doable. My problem is actually getting each cell to look just right. It doesn't look like I'll be able to do this manually, because I'd have to measure the dimensions for every single frame, zoom in just right on my big, original version of the map, and resize it correctly. I don't think there's any way I could do all that by hand and get it just right every time. I was wondering if anyone knows of a program that will create this kind of zoom-in effect for me.

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    Why not just make a HD image and add a zoom bar that the person viewing it can use..
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