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Thread: Hack Repair: I'm using file_get_contents poorly.

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    Hack Repair: I'm using file_get_contents poorly.

    Hi all.

    I have to get the results of a particular php script into a string. As far as I can tell, the php script won't present readable data without the use of print_r (perhaps you can tell me of a different way so that I can use it in conjunction with a strstr check).

    As a bandaid, I'm currently forced to call file_get_contents('http://thelocation.com/thescript.php') on the very same server as my project. Locally, it only returns the php data included in the file.

    ob_start() is already running, so I can't make use of ob_start() - grab the ob value - ob_clean() or whatever.

    I could use some direction here.


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    print_r() takes an optional second parameter you know.....if that helps.

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    Excellent. Thank you!

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