We have our site about 40 pages build with DW CS5.5 using .PHP

I can not find any tut or treads on building a database that will let:
1. lets clients log in and edit there information, receive communication from registered employee users, submit service request, check note on requests

2. have a log in for employees who can register users for the first time, can search for and then view information about users, personal data, can look at all open request submitted by users and reed notes to see what has been done to complete the request for that client.

I can get a basic page going but all clients seem to see that same thing once logged in not there personal info..and i cant find anything on making the database searchable by one level not the other ( ie employee not client) and then let members see there information

Thanks in Advance everyone
Sorry if this seem like a nob i have not done much with database yet so im trying hard to learn ))))