Let's say you are on A page.
You clicked one link on A page to go to B page with querystring like this (B?wow=1234)
You are currently on B?wow=1234 page.
You press "BROWSER BACK BUTTON". It goes to A page, however, what I want to is that I want to redirect to "A?wow=1234", not just A page.
Obviously, there are couple of alternative ways like I can create a link on B page so that user can click that link instead. However, that's not possible option. Also, no use ActiveX or any third-party.
Minimum requirement is at least this should work IE & FF.
I can't think of any way.....I wasn't able to capture "Browser Back Button"...
Also I wasn't able to access history object value(I guess due to security reason)....referrer doesn't have value when pressing "Back button"..
Any idea?