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Thread: Not sure whats going on?

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    Not sure whats going on?

    Hey, i added an affiliate link as you can see at the bottom of the right hand column simple link and image.

    Now its making my adsense not show up at the top and in the side column and the site constantly loads.

    Any ideas why thats happening?

    Vegan Health Blog

    Any help is appreciated as always.

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    Did you already solve this, -I see Google AdSense ("AdChoices") ads.

    Noted some errors in your code though, like:

    <ul class="submenu">
    <a href="http://jrox.therawfoodworld.com/jrox.php?id=2050_1_bid_12"><img src="http://jrox.therawfoodworld.com/image.php?bid=12&mid=2050" width="230" height="250" border="0"/></a>

    (The only element permitted in UL or OL lists, are "<li></li>" -Cannot use "a" as used here. Must be enclosed in "<li></li>" to validate)
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