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    script help

    Hey all,

    First up, let me apologize for my newbie questions, but I am here for good and here to learn. )

    I have two questions regarding a site that I am developing.

    1. On the site I have a number of advertisements, these little ad boards need to be able to display random images, with links, each time the page is loaded. I did get a script for this but it is not very flexible or optimal for my usage. I need to be able to add and delete ads from a list easily; the code I had sourced wants me to add all of the variables within the web page for each instance of the ad - there are currently 16 so the code is not optimal at all.

    I think its going to be best to use XML to hold the data, image address and link code, for the ad boards and use the JS to randomly select a node(?) from the XML sheet to display. I have no idea how to do this, and although probably a basic operation I am stumped. I do not learn very well from reading, I prefer to have some code that works and reverse engineer it to make sense of it all. Problem is I cannot find a code to do this. Can any help??

    2. The page I am creating is for a local community project. We want our users to have the ability to post a local event on the site.

    I know we will need to use a form to collect, store and show data, such as: name and email address of poster, date of event, title, short description, price, link, etc.

    I need this information to then be displayed in date and time format, It would also be excellent if this could be linked to an automatically generated RSS feed, and have a button to report abuse. Ideally, to stop spam, it will include a captcha or have the poster needing to confirm the event by replying to an email link.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a script or even offer some help creating one??

    oh, the basic development front page, as it is so far, is here:

    Thank you all, in advance for all of your excellent replies Karma will be good for you today

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    can anyone please help???

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