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Thread: [RESOLVED] How I remove a href link in between div class?

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    resolved [RESOLVED] How I remove a href link in between div class?

    I'm trying figure out how remove a href link between div class on php script but tough is:

    normal display:

    <div class="showtimes"> <a href="#">10:00am</a> <span class="ghost">|</span> <a href="#>10:30am</a> <span class="ghost">|</span> <a href="#>11:00am</a> </div>

    I need php script remove a href link change to like:


    $page = preg_replace('/<div class\=[\"]showtimes[\"]\>(.*?)<\/div>/si','\\1',$page);


    <div class="showtimes"> 10:00am <span class="ghost">|</span> 10:30am <span class="ghost">|</span> 11:00am </div>

    How I do remove a href link only in between div class?

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    PHP Code:
    = <<<EOD
    <div class="showtimes"> <a href="#">10:00am</a> <span class="ghost">|</span>
    <a href="#">10:30am</a> <span class="ghost">|</span> <a href="#">11:00am</a> </div>


    $result  $matches[1];
    $result .= preg_replace('#<a\s[^>]*>(.*?)</a>#is''$1'$matches[2]);
    $result .= $matches[3];
    $regexp '#(<div\s[^>]*class=[\'"]showtimes[\'"][^>]*>)(.*?)(</div>)#is';
    $page preg_replace_callback($regexp'foo'$page);

    However, that solution depends on the HTML being properly formatted, and nasty things can happen if it is not, such as when I copied and pasted your HTML that was missing the closing quotes in a couple of the href attributes.

    A more robust solution would be to use the DOM functions to find each div of class "showtimes" and then within them finding each each <a> element, going through contortions to get the text value of each <a>, removing the <a> element and inserting the text, but I'm way too lazy to do that for you right now.
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    It's worked! Perfect. Thank you very much!

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