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Thread: Deny an IP and custom 403 page can't work?

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    Deny an IP and custom 403 page can't work?

    Okay, so if using my .htaccess I deny a spammers IP and want to use a nice custom 403 page it creates a situation where they cannot actually get to my custom 403 page since they are denied access to the site - and thus that custom 403 page - so they get the bland generic server 403 error.

    How are you suppose to get around this, here is the full .htaccess example

    ErrorDocument 403 /403.php
    order allow,deny
    deny from
    deny from
    allow from all

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    I solved it..

    you have to put your 403 file into a directory - e.g., /sorrycharlie/403.php - and then add an .htaccess file IN that directory that does allow anyone to access it.

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