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Thread: MS Excel to ASP.Net using SQL

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    MS Excel to ASP.Net using SQL

    Anybody knows how to transfer ms-excel value to asp webpage using sql.Please giveme the code

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    Both MS-SQL (xpath), ASP.NET, and MySQL 5.1+ can understand XML.

    Back in my snake taming days I made this program that converts XLS files into XML.

    xls2xml.py (v3)
    • Versions of Excel supported: 2004, 2003, XP, 2000, 97, 95, 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.1, 2.0.
    • Does NOT support 2007 files (.xlsx).. those are a zip file of xml already...
    • Versions of Python supported: 2.1 to 2.6.
    • Licence: BSD-style (see licences.py)
    • it converts the ENTIRE workbook into 1 valid XML file
    • Unicode- yup
    • Requires python's lxml library. You probably have it, if not its easy to find.

    The output format:
    HTML Code:
    <workbook name="WorkBookName.xls">
      <sheet name="sheet1">
      <sheet name="sheet 2">
      <sheet name="Sheet3" />
    From a terminal:
    python xls2xml.py /path/to/the/workbook.xls
    It sends it all to stdout so you will have to pipe it to the file you want. it looks like this:
    python xls2xml.py /path/to/the/workbook.xls > /files/thegoodbook.xml
    I would recommend you use a buffer- its faster that writing to disk.

    There are no additional arguments or options.

    In the event a cell contains something worthless like a picture ..... it will write "FACEPALM: unknown parse error" for that cell. You can change this in the source code (which is really short) if you are so inclined.


    I included the xlrd module which is what I used to write the program. (I also included all of the xlrd-author's documentation and examples etc etc). You don't need to run setup.py, That came with xlrd and I don't think you need it


    Edit: I just assume you know what XML is...

    You can also save all of the pages/sheets as .csv and use LOAD INTO .... up to you- but I had thousands of sheets- so clearly I'm not going to save each page as .csv when I know how to program.
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    There is an alternative:
    use the System.OleDB namespace (works on C#).
    If you need any help with that, ask me.

    oops.. read Excel as Access.. Ignore this..

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