How can I call a Javascript function from my VB.Net code?

I have built a ASP.Net website in VS2005. It is one of those set-ups where you have 2 seperate files for the webpages: i.e. Default.aspx and Default.apsx.vb.

I need to be able to call a JavaScript function from within my VB code, also I need to pass a string variable into the JavaScript function. The JavaScript code is currently sitting at the top of the Default.aspx page whereas the VB code is in the Default.apsx.vb page.

Additional info (if it helps):

What the VB code does is take a user-inputed address and find it in a database and returns certain info about the address. I am trying to improve it to display a Google Map of the address using the Google Maps JavaScript API.

I already have the javascript function ready to go that takes a string address and makes and displays a google map of it, I just need to be able to call it after the user has entered their address.