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Thread: Javascript Usage With Google Maps APIs

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    Unhappy Javascript Usage With Google Maps APIs

    Working with two URLs:

    Working: http://www.ccc.edu/collegequest/schoolfinder.asp
    Trying to get to work: http://www.ccc.edu/collegequest/scho...r-business.asp

    Issue: Received project from previous developer who left. The working URL generates a table chart using Javascript after you have entered a valid address/zip code. I haven't been able to determine why I can't get the "schoolfinder-business.asp" URL to generate a table chart using Javascript. I believe the issue is related to something in the function GetDirections, but I cannot pinpoint the issue.

    Help if you can.

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    Google Maps API Table Creation with Javascript...

    Got some info from the individual who developed the test page, who informed me that I needed to use javascript dynamic table generation to dynamically create the table items. Will try but am a novice and could use some good online examples if anyone has any.

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