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Thread: CSS Not Working!

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    Question CSS Not Working!

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying more and more to implement CSS in my
    designs. I have this one site I am working on that was
    going pretty well until I got to this one page. I am
    hoping one or two of our CSS gurus here can lend a hand...

    It seems as if my styles stop working at some point on this
    page. My list properties should be bold. I thought maybe
    the link styles were overriding my list styles, so I tried
    to add in extra ones just for this page and had no luck.

    My FAQ answer area below that should have a light yellow
    bg, the titles here should be green, bold and aligned left,
    and all of the other text below should be aligned left. I
    just can't figure out where I went wrong on this page...any

    Page in question:
    CSS file: http://www.algebra-answer.com/dev/styles.css



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    Everything looks ok to me.

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    Originally posted by ray326
    Everything looks ok to me.
    Same here.
    Thousand different paths
    So many sterile ends
    I chose the Devil's path

    Never shall the sun kiss my face
    And caress me with it's burning light
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    And sleep side by side with death

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    Talking Thanks!

    Thanks to both of you...I had another person look it over and found a missing " right away. Strange how a new pair of eyes is sometimes all you need.

    I really appreciate your timley response though, hard to find a good forum. I will definately pop in from time to time and see what's up


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