Hi folks..I'm a CSS newbie and am having some difficulty fixing the very bad layout of my site, which I have chosen to use all absolute positioning for and need to fix. I'm having some trouble understanding how to convert some of it to relative to make the layout/css better and cut down on the number of objects on the page. I've read up on CSS generally, but I am getting tripped up attempting to implement it specifically on my page and would love some help recreating it so I can better understand it.

Here's an example of the page I am talking about:

I know the bottom section with the thumbnails could be better off in relative positioning instead of absolute especially, but once again, I am just having trouble rebuilding it/applying what the layout information sites say.

Also, ideally I would like to fix the layout so the entire page could be centered in the window, as right now the space on the right is too big in most browser windows, and I don't know if switching most of the things away from absolute positioning would fix this, but it is something I hope could be done as well.

Any help with my lack of understanding of how to fix this/implement relative positioning (or an alternate to what I have) would be much, much appreciated.