Can someone help me with this

This file is named for example tablelist.php
HTML Code:
<td>Some text</td>
<td>Some text</td>
<td>Some text</td>
<td><?php include("filefolder1/infofile.php"); ?></td>
<td>Some text</td>
<td>Some text</td>
<td>Some text</td>
<td><?php include("filefolder2/infofile.php"); ?></td>
And this file is for example table.php
PHP Code:
array_reversefile'tablelist.php') );
foreach ( 
$file as $line ){
Sorry my english is not perfect i am not native... to get the real meaning of my question visit my website

At my index (home) page table column "status" data is "answered" or "not answered", but other pages it's just empty becouse PHP include is not working becouse tables in other pages are in PHP array_reverse.

When i put php include code to some of "status" cells, it's just empty but i see my php code on my page sourcecode... which is weird, i think