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Thread: Creating gotoAndPlay buttons in Flash

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    Creating gotoAndPlay buttons in Flash

    Dear Colleagues,
    I'm in the process of trying to set up a flash panel with a column of buttons on the left and a larger panel on the right. The idea is the visitor will click a button on the left and the larger panel on the right will display a brief flash presentation, as will each button in turn.

    In working thru this I have confronted something I didn't realize I never understood. I always thought a movieclip was independent of the main timeline(T/L) and would play regardless where it "sat" in the series of frames.
    But that can't be exactly right. I have a movieclip that's just a simple fade from one of three pictures,each fading into the other, call it mc_myone. I'm using Flash CS4.

    If I put mc_myone on the first frame of the main time line, and test the fla file; mc_myone plays through completely. If I first set in a series of empty frames and then a keyframe to hold my mc_myone, and test the fla file,
    mc_myone just flits by. The mc_myone doesn't play. BUT! if I expand the keyframe to more frames, however many frames that are added,that hold the contents of the first keyframe, the mc_myone will play to that extent.

    This makes my movieclip dependent on the maintime line. I tried implementing a actionscript approach to this and got the same results:

    var pbutt:butt = new butt();
    var c_shape2:c_shape = new c_shape();

    pbutt.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, itplays);
    function itplays(evt:MouseEvent):void
    trace("you are in the itplays function");

    If frame 20 is a single keyframe, the movieclip flits by; if 20 starts a series of frames the movieclip will play depending on how many frames are set in.

    Why doesn't the movieclip play regardless if there is one or many frames after frame 20? Isn't it's timeline, independent of the maintime line?

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