I'm relatively new to these forums, but I'm requesting a bit of help here.

The past few months my business partner Jacob and myself have been coding away at Overview Analytics. Which is, as our website states, Beautiful, real-time web analytics for your website.

We're now preparing for invite-only BETA, which anyone can apply for at www.overviewapp.com. But we want some early feedback right now, so tell us what you think from this snap:


(I know about my name not looking very fancy! That's one thing to be sorted)

Yes, those numbers right there are LIVE updated. You can view full statistics on what people are doing on your website, from viewing what pages are being viewed (and, how long ago), where your traffic is coming from, what pages are popular, and much more information.

Although our Private BETA is about to hit into action we do need feedback on as much as we can, this includes the general design, the ideas, and the fancy.

So please, Judge everything, and Suggest everything.