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Thread: Need Advice on Form Site

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    Question Need Advice on Form Site

    I need to make a site where users register and can download legal forms (possibly fill out blanks and have the forms filled out for them). Is there a PHP software for this or something related? Starting from scratch with this would take me years.

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    shouldnt be to hard in php to handcode...you can probably use something like this http://www.finalwebsites.com/forums/...-file-download to get it to where people can download your files...and then you can create a form that would allow people access to the files only after they register and all that which can be found online to with a simple search....but your last request the fill out blanks and stuff I have no clue might be something you have to figure out in pdf...mybe flash?

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    It is very time consuming. I just did it for my Privacy Policy Generator.

    See the review/beta-tester thread here:

    I used PHP and put the whole thing into a WordPress Theme.

    Of course, most of the time I spent getting an email encryption sub-script (JavaScript embedded in PHP) to work!

    I did the same for Meta Tags (see my signature link).

    Privacy Policy Generator

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