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Thread: How to start creating a webpage?

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    How to start creating a webpage?

    Yeah, it may sound silly, but I started going deeper into web development and I just simply don't know where to start. I only created a webpage with framework but what if I don't wanna use one? Should I write all the code in 1 document? Should I create folders for database, views, css, js codes? Or should I create many files? How this all works?

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    The tools you use will depend upon just what sort of web page you are going to make. It could, and perhaps should, be as simple as nothing more that HTML and CSS done with a text editor.

    Tell us more about what this web page will do.
    “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
    —Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

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    I'm learning php right now. I'll use database, different users. I do this not just to create a webpage but to really learn so that I could offer my knowledge in a future. Today I wanted to start writing something more serious and thought.... I have no idea how to start. I can only work with codeigniter framework But frameworks is only one way to create a webpage. What are others..?

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    What I do is create the HTML, CSS website first I use Dreamweaver cs5.5 to create the layout of the page then use GIMP to create all the images I will use then add the CSS to all my divs then use that page as a template for the rest of the pages so I eould only have to edit that one page if need be and make the info part a editable region. Then I use a IDE called Netbeans to make my php pages. So to answer all your questions. "Should I write all my code in one page?" NO! Def not I always have Database Connection PHP pages in one file then do a include() script at the top of my php file so it doesnt be in the middle of all my code and when I change the PW or Uusername I only have to do it for that one page, also there are many ways to have php pages set up (idk how frameworks work I only handcode my php files makes it easier in long run) what I do after my HTML and CSS files r done in Dreamweaver ill go ahead and create the php file that holds all the big code (mysql fetch and crap like that) then I will go back to dreamweaver and insert the codes in forms or whichever THEN Ill test all this on my localhost (very important to use localhost to test esp the way i do it) and to be honest I never (rarely) use JavaScript..I was taught it while at school for Computer Science but could grasp the code for whatever reason...but hand code PHP my friend its alot cleaner...sorry if all this doesnt make sense! if you have more ?'s let me know I am learning also

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    Well... I just started writing the code. Started with template file and then maybe create more files instead one huge, so that it would be easier to write and understand. I will learn how to do all this with practice. I'm so afraid of mistakes so that I can never start... So I just sat down and started instead of asking silly questions

    Thanx for reply anyway

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    That's the way to do it. The only real problem your gonna come across is The logic of your php script. logic = "the steps taken to accomplish your task". I use this style to create my sites:

    development :
    1-Alpha. Create HTML Frame with .php extensions.
    1-Omega. Style HTML Frame with CSS.
    2. Create PHP logic frame work. (if applicable; to handle elements and data input)
    3. Implement JavaScript functionality.(to respond to user action)
    4. Insert media (images, video).

    The fourth step is the actual inserting of the media code. A place should be made for it in step 1. I use a script like
    to handle my .swf files, deals with all browsers.

    image manipulation = ifran view. batch, resizing, renaming, everything.
    image creation = Photoshop or gimp.
    video = flash(mx - 5.5) or apple or Win movie maker then convert.
    (site)image handling = jquery (i'm not an expert but there are plenty of tutorials.)
    sound = HTML or javascript or php (depends on needs, ea. level more

    Once you get use to dealing with and handling these then your pretty much ready to do what you want. I guess.

    As for dealing with php. create a number list with steps to take to execute what you want done. Then find what ever phrase or code you need to do it. I'm starting in this area too. gets annoying sometime.

    And most important remember to save all working script. You will need to re-use them.

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