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Thread: Building google sublinks (site sections)

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    Building google sublinks (site sections)

    When I use google example IBM I get:

    IBM - United States
    The IBM corporate home page, entry point to information about IBM products and services.

    Show stock quote for IBM Downloads
    Jobs at IBM Investor Relations
    Support & downloads Employee directory
    Products Contact
    Select a country

    More results from ibm.com

    I have the site: http://www.Sprymed.com

    When my site comes up I want the same thing but with:

    Hospital Discussion Topics Hospital Ranks
    HCAHPS Scores Medical Discussion Groups

    Is this an xml file on the index page? If so what's the name of it
    Hospital Talk and Discussion groups

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    Google gathers these links purely by their formula. Also, those links will only come up on a branded search, ex: if you google "sprymed". I'd recommend making sure you have a clean sitemap, "About Us", "Contact Us", "Support", and other common web pages that are clearly defined.
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