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Thread: Alternative to Plesk?

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    Alternative to Plesk?

    Currently I'm using Plesk 10, and I simply don't want to have to keep renewing every month as it's quite a cost out of pocket for running my server domains and subscriptions.

    I'm basicly just inquiring to see if anyone knows of, or has any experience or input on any third-party or open-source solutions that are at no cost. I've heard of a few solutions but it's hard to depict it from quickly searching google a couple times over the last week.

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    I have used a few free one's in the past and always end up using Plesk or CPanel in the long run. The only one that I ever used that was half way usable was ISP-config but ultimately the problem with all of the free one's I have experimented with is a general lack of usable documentation. They typically require vastly different setup's depending on the version of OS your server is using and finding accurate documentation for setting up on certain OS's can be difficult and sometimes impossible. I have also found they are more prone to being broken easily. Unfortunately my experience is largely in development and I have very little experience managing a Linux server which is why I tend to leave that up to the experts but most of the free web based server management software allows you enough control to break things and often lacks the documentation to inform you of how one feature or another if used incorrectly can break things so to me it is worth the small fee for Plesk or CPanel.

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    What about the Extend control panel? I am not sure if its open source, but ive never seen a subscription being paid for it either, and it runs pretty well from my experience.

    Edit: Actually extend might not support server management, only shared hosting servers

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