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Thread: One click upload screenshot?

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    One click upload screenshot?

    My idea is to create a button on a webpage that, when clicked, takes a screenshot your entire screen or the browser window alone and uploads it to the server.

    I did a few searches but didn't really find what I was looking for. I read that it might be done with activex. I don't know a lot about activex, but I think I read that it's for IE browsers only.

    Can I create this button? How?

    Thanks .

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    Hehe. No solutions? Or am I in the wrong forum?

    If it requires some server programming or Java, I may be willing to pay for someone more experienced to write it for me.

    The main purpose for this button is to allow a user to quickly report abuse of a chat room, or webcam, or online game, or anything social by initiating the screenshot and upload of the screenshot with one click. I would like to be able to place the button in a downloadable toolbar (currently using Conduit service), but I'm open to alternatives.

    Any feedback, please. Thanks .
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