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    smushed code

    Hi, when people go to view source of most webpages all HTML are clearly readable, but some sites such as Google when try to view source, the codes are all smutted together into one big trunk of very hard to read gibberish, I am wondering how I can make my site like that ?

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    Well, writing ugly code isn't too difficult. But, what you'll find is that many sites with "ugly" and "indecipherable" code are heavy on the JavaScript side. In some cases, the page itself consists of no more than a shell and some JavaScript, which then "writes" the page. The script is optimized and condensed (and also therefore obfuscated) with something like this:

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    What they did is just compress the CSS and HTMLs files by removing content that browsers ignore anyway when parsing the web page. There are several online tools for both HTML and CSS optimizing. Example: CSS Formatter and Optimiser

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