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Thread: Problem with website size.

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    Problem with website size.

    Im having a problem with my websites size when opened on different screen sizes..I notice on bigger screens there is more grey area to the right of everything, and on a smaller screen you have to scroll over to view the whole page, i need to know how fix this and to make it so everything centered and fits any screen size...I use dreamweaver if that helps anyone to give me a quick solution using that.

    And i have also been told by one person that when they open my site on IE one of my banners (left one) it centered in the middle of the page...Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, what is the problem? Thanks.

    my website is www.conspireatl.com

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    everything centered and fits ALMOST any screen size

    At first, your code is really messy but maybe it's because dreamweaver

    Dreamweaver is new to me, but if you can edit your css style file manually
    add this inside your body(CSS) and .thrColLiqHdr #container(CSS)

    body {

    .thrColLiqHdr #container {
    width: 1200px;

    That should make it so everything centered and fits any screen size, but not smaller (width) than 1200px becouse your .thrColLiqHdr #container width is 1200px in your css file.

    Sorry if my English is not perfect, I'm not a native

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    ok, when i tried this it seemed to work, but the 2 side images on the left and right side dont seem to stick to the left and right side of the main container with different size screens, they seem to just stay in the same place no matter the size. Any ideas on why it is doing this? Do i possibly have those images in the wrong place or inserted improperly?

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    Might I recommend you control positioning with css? You can then set the parameters for top, bottom, left, right, position, etc. etc.

    There are lots of great sites that will help you with them.


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