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Thread: Foreign characters in .xml

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    Foreign characters in .xml


    I'm not sure of the protocol here or how advanced a user you have to be to be in this forum, but here goes.

    Let me start off by saying that I am a newbie at this stuff and normally I would get someone else to handle this for me but everyone I have asked for help are a bit stuck with this problem as well.

    Here's the problem: I have a an .xml file for a PDF digital brochure, everything works fine and even when I edit the text in the "" marks for viewable text in the web browser. everyhting shows up as it should

    I need to translate some of these words into Swedish and use the characters , these characters will not show up and are completely ignored by the web browser. I have tried to replace them in the text with HexDec numbers and simple HTML code nothing works. The index.html is charset utf-8 and I have used various ISO numbers as well in the declaration, in fact all kinds of combinations, even to editing the lang=? from en to sv. any kind of help at this stage would be greatly appreciated.

    I have tried to call the developer of this product which has worked flawlessly for the past year in English mode but when I want to change this, no one answers the phone any more. What I am trying to do in no way infringes the licence I have purchased for this product to do this.

    I can send the files to anyone who is interested in this challenge.

    Please remember when answering that I'm not "Techy" and simple language would be best. Thank you in advance. //David

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    resolved Foreign characters in .xml (Solved)

    I have just discovered that it is a Flash rendering issue.

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