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Thread: Problems with a hide/show script

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    Problems with a hide/show script

    We're using a following (very simple) script on our site :

    // Hide cd case buttons.
    $('.cd-case .case-button').hide();

    // Show cd case buttons on hover.
    function() {
    $('.cd-case .case-button').fadeIn('slow');
    function () {
    $('.cd-case .case-button').fadeOut('slow');
    It doesn't function properly though. The script is meant to initiate only once after the mouse cursor is over the specified area. However, it works just like on this site : http://www.hv-designs.co.uk/tutorials/jquery/all.html

    Pointing the cursor over the area 5 times in a quick succession unfortunately means that the script is also initiated 5 times, producing a rather unappealing effect. Is there a way to disable that?

    We'd want it work just like on this site :


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