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Thread: phpMyAdmin Export deletes rows from db?

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    phpMyAdmin Export deletes rows from db?


    Hope this is the correct forum to ask this question.

    I was exporting a wordpress database from phpmyadmin and it timed out so I thought I'd export half the tables then the other half and import them on the new server one after the other.

    This worked fine or so I thought. Then I was informed that lots of posts were missing. I thought there must have been a problem when I did the export so I went back into the original phpmyadmin and they weren't there (only posts older than Dec 2010). I am wondering if anyone has ever experienced this?

    Can an phpmyadmin export actually cause loss of data? I see that not only the posts but the comments related to those posts are gone too. very strange and I can't figure out why. I can't fix this other than copy n paste from google cache but I'm interested to know if its even possible for this to happen from an sql export.

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    I suppose it can happen. I never had trouble with PMA, although it DOES give you the option to delete them. bummer, keep backups ... this happens. I deleted my javascript folder today and was like *ooohh shh*, but I backup all the time and had a working copy. Then made another backup anyways just because

    If you want to export them with a solid tool- try mysqldump. I have noticed that PMA does odd things when it times out (max_execution_time is the php_value that determines this I think).

    Try contacting the system/server admin/support. Ask or beg them for backups, if it doesn't work, tell them that they pushed PMA on you even though you were hesitant. Ask for a mysqldump or a copy of all the .frm files for your database (make sure you know what your database name was).
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    Obviously I don't know your server, but both of my servers (one is inmotion one is godaddy) both allow me to run database back ups (in the form of mysqldump files) that save to the server itself. This is particularly nice when the database is very very large as it prevents the HTTP timeout response.
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