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Thread: what is the best way?

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    what is the best way?

    Hi All,

    I have a website I have created with a navigation bar at the top. At the moment when I click on the nav bar it takes me to the new page I have selected.

    What I am trying to do is to display the contents of the new page in the middle of the homepage so just the middle part of the page updates to what I have selected in the nav bar.. I want the rest of the page to stay as it is.

    What is the best way to do this?
    I am using Dreamweaver mainly as well as a text editor to write code.
    I thought maybe css or javascript.



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    Use iframe, php include or php file get contents

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    If you don't mind using JavaScript, and more specifically the JQuery library, you can simply create multiple content areas in the same homepage. What you can do is set all the areas to display none in css but give one an 'active' class which will be the content area on display. With JQuery you can simply set up a function for when the user clicks a link, the corresponding content area will be given the active class and will be displayed using the show() function in JQuery.

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    What you're trying to do is a very outdated method of navigation called "frames". You would accomplish this by wrapping your content section in an iframe, giving it a name and applying the "target" attribute to your links to use the name of your iframe.

    The more preferred method is to use a template. If you don't have content rendering scripts created in your server side language, then simply copy and paste the code from one page to the next, only changing the part that needs to be changed. The browser caches images, so it won't reload them every time.

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