Hello, i have a greate php-mysql userscript with admin/user/guest roles.
All the userdata is storied on mysql database.
Each user has an uniqe ID ( + 2 users cant use same email/username).

i use this script: http://php-login-script.com

im newb in php/mysql, and this is just a "fun" project for me, to start learn how to work out with other real issues i will get to.

I make "add-ons" for fun for this script, and currently i have managed to make a member list with prev/next page.

The original script dont use includescript for website, but i use index.php?folder=[f-name]&page=[p-name].
So i have in my web root (WAMP-Server)
- folder1

index.php?f=folder1&p=admin (from folder1/admin.php)
index.php?f=folder1&p=myaccount (myaccount.php)
index.php?f=folder1&p=setings (setings.php)

but i am not sure how i can make it so (for example) on my memberlist, if i click one of the users (id) then i will be sent to a new page (i dont know what to have of code on this new page/sql call-outs).

Sorry my english is bad, but i dont know what to have for my name page profil.php

i need to call out these values from database

(ATM i have tried out something else, but i dont want to change on the code and save the sensitive data on sessions, when its already on the db)

include 'dbc.php';

if (isset($_SESSION['user_id'])) {?>

<?php } ?>
<h1 class="noicon">User-Profil for <?php echo $_SESSION['user_name'];?></h1>	  
		ID: <?php echo $_SESSION['id'];?> <br />
		full_name: <?php echo $_SESSION['full_name'];?> <br />
		user_name: <?php echo $_SESSION['user_name'];?> <br />
		user_email: <?php echo $_SESSION['user_email'];?> <br />
		user_level: <?php echo $_SESSION['user_level'];?> <br />
		pwd: <?php echo $_SESSION['pwd'];?> <br />
		address: <?php echo $_SESSION['address'];?> <br />
		country: <?php echo $_SESSION['country'];?> <br />
		tel: <?php echo $_SESSION['tel'];?> <br />
		fax: <?php echo $_SESSION['fax'];?> <br />
		website: <?php echo $_SESSION['website'];?> <br />
		date: <?php echo $_SESSION['date'];?> <br />
		users_ip: <?php echo $_SESSION['users_ip'];?> <br />
		approved: <?php echo $_SESSION['approved'];?> <br />
		activation_code: <?php echo $_SESSION['activation_code'];?> <br />
		banned: <?php echo $_SESSION['banned'];?> <br />
		ckey: <?php echo $_SESSION['ckey'];?> <br />
		ctime: <?php echo $_SESSION['ctime'];?>
I only get out user_name and user_level with this, and i know why (i think). Because only this two values are saved in session, and what i need is something like my memberlist ($list['value'])
but how can i make it so that if i go to index.php?f=user&page=profil&id=[userID]
and this page will show the user info of the ID.