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Thread: socialengine 4 plugins install

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    Question socialengine 4 plugins install

    Anyone using socialengine 4 can help me?
    When i want to install packages and select tar archive an error message says"No packages found in the archive" although i have the right version of packages

    How can i solve it?

    or, can i install packages in the earlier way in socialengine2 by uploading package files to directory and install manually?

    Please help


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    how to install social engine plugins

    you can find tutorials here - http://www.social-engine-plugins.com/

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    New Social Engine 4 plugin available for AVChat 3.

    AVChat 3 settings available directly in the administration area
    RTMP connectionstring now can be entered in the administration area (no avc_settings.php edit needed)
    Admins and users with admin/moderator access to the chat are automatically served the AVChat admin interface instead of the user interface from where they can kick and ban people.
    You can setup the chat to open in pop up window.

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