Word Press Web Strategy – How can I do this?

I am trying to build a website, and from the research I have done it looks like for the type of site that would be the best for me would be WordPress site.

So, I have a very generic Wordpress blog, and have not played with it much, but it is go for the one a month personal post that I make for friends and family.

I have also built a couple of HTML websites – very simple static sites.

I have some basic knowledge and experience of domains, setting up hosting, ftp and emails accounts, and basic hosting directory structures.

Site Concept

The Site is one concept, but it would function as almost as 2 separate sites. The Main site is a Car site, with various pages for various sections such as Cars, Art, Music. Each section is like a blog, each entry will be text or photo and text, displayed sequentially. The user can choose to sort/display the sections by tags. There will be other pages such as Links, Store and Contact us.

There will also be a section called Toy Cars. Toy Cars will a Page of the main site, and will have a full Menu bar.

In addition, unlike the other sections which will only have the Blog Archive pages, The Toy Car page will have it’s own sections, which will be the various car type such as Car1, Car2 and Car3. Each section page will have a link back to Toy Cars, and to the other sections. In addition, there will be a search page, that will display all the Toy Cars by tags.

Word Press Structure

So now the questions:

1) Can one installation on the host of Word Press, handle this structure?
2) Do I need more then one database?
3) Can anyone offer me some tips on how to set-up the Word Press installation to handle this structure?