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Thread: Collaboration - multiple websites / multiple contributors, help

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    Collaboration - multiple websites / multiple contributors, help

    We recently purchased a company out of California, took possession of all of their website clients, and hired on their developers. So we are now all working together to make changes/updates to the entire array of websites (ours and theirs) There has to be a better way to all work on and have updated files. I've looked at gitHub, but with over 100 sites (a repository for each site?) would be a bit pricey?

    Anyone else have similar situation? Could I put all the sites in 1 repository? What is a best practice for working on projects with others over long distances?

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    +Just set up teams to handle each site.
    +Create a database of changes and input from all designers but work on the sites separately.
    +By moving the sites your not doing anything but adding to the labor, if you plan on using the same servers, just work form that standpoint.
    +Its the input that matters, everybody doesn't need to touch the project. Just who knows what their doing

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