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Thread: trying to upload site, three small issues

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    trying to upload site, three small issues

    I am trying to upload a working site to netfirms, but im having 3 issues....

    1# Its not displaying any PHP errors (for security reasons). But I cant seem to have a way to disable this temporary for debugging... Is this normal?

    2# It seems to be 100% ignoring my "header('Location: Home.php' ) ;" code... So in other words if I have an echo before and after one (to test), they will both echo out data, but the page wont change...

    3# Sessions arent working... Is it normal for some web host to not have sessions enabled? From my test PHP seems to be treating it like a normal valid array variable (which obviously gets cleared from page to page).

    Kind of interested what people will say here. But I got a feeling ill be dealing with there tech support tomorrow...

    edit: btw I cannot use ini_set to enable error displays... I probably cant use it to enable sessions neither.
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