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Thread: I don't trust my Host - Sabotage

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    I don't trust my Host - Sabotage

    I run a website which asks users to enter information.

    For some reason I think my host is limiting my bandwith, or preventing me from getting as much traffic as is possible.

    How can I check to make sure no-one is interfering with my site in this way?

    Some days I get dozens of new users on my site, and others I dont get any. Also I have a counter installed for admin, and for one week I received 10 times the usual traffic, then it went back to the previous level.

    Also there is never more than 20 people online at any one time. The record for my site is only 46.

    You may think I'm paranoid, but something just feels wrong with how my traffic is coming.

    How can I check to make sure no-one is interfering?

    Also what if the host is limiting the amount of people that can see my site per day, or is blocking my site in certain regions?

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    Shared hosts generally do limit bandwidth either through the advertised limit or the fair usage policy.

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    Post I know a good host

    If you want a cheep domain/hosting, I use yahoo small business. It has a free secure site server and it pretty cheep. I have had 1 problem after using it for 3 years, and it wasn't really a problem, it was just I couldn't find a button and the support helped me in 5 minuites. The link is smallbuisness.yahoo.com

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    Have you ever been to your site and it wasn't working?

    Try searching for bandwidth problems with your host on google to see if other people are having the same issue.

    There is a code you can paste onto your website from a third party website, which monitors uptime of the site (so if your site does go down, you will know) - Not sure what its called but searching around the keywords would surely find you it.

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