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Thread: Vertically aligned text in <ul>/<li>/<a> tag

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    Question Vertically aligned text in <ul>/<li>/<a> tag

    I am having trouble trying to figure this out. I have tried vertical-align:center and padding-top:9px, but the first just doesnt work (in any tags), and the padding just ADDS the padding on top of the background image there already.
    All I want is the text to be in the middle of the bar.



    PS If there is a way of being able to change the font of these with font-family, could I also get help on that? Again, I have tried in every tag, but no dice.

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    I have also tried vertical-align:middle; Still didnt work

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    They're vertically center-aligned for me in Firefox 5. Using a top padding and decreasing the height has always worked for me.

    You should be able to use font-family to change the links font on the .tabs a strip.

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    Thank you, I had fixed it about 10 minutes before you replied, I just forgot to post on here. I simply decreased the height to the text size, and added top and bottom padding to make it up to 48px high, so exactly how you said it.

    As for the font-family, i caved in and just used a span tag for the whole bar.

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