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Thread: I made a simple Javascript bookmarklet, do you like it?

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    I made a simple Javascript bookmarklet, do you like it?

    I made a Javascript bookmarklet (browser bookmark) that allows you to share links on my website, http://linksku.com
    Linksku is very similar to Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc. The only difference is that Linksku uses Likes instead of Diggs to determine which links are displayed on the homepage.

    Here's the bookmarklet:
    javascript:var d=document,w=window,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,u="http://linksku.com/submit?url="+e(l.href);a=function(){if(!w.open(u,"t","toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=550,height=550")){l.href=u}};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)){setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}void (0);
    And the formatted version:
    javascript: var d = document,
        w = window,
        e = w.getSelection,
        k = d.getSelection,
        l = d.location,
        e = encodeURIComponent,
        u = "http://linksku.com/submit?url=" + e(l.href);
    a = function () {
      if (!w.open(u, "t", "toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=550,height=550")) {
        l.href = u
    if (/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
      setTimeout(a, 0)
    } else {
    Please try it out and tell me if it works or not. I was testing it earlier today and found out it doesn't work properly in FireFox, I want to be sure that it works for everyone. Thanks!

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    Any suggestions?

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