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Thread: confirm box in pdf?

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    confirm box in pdf?

    Hi guys and girls,

    My work has recently purchased new iPads with the intention of using them to fill out pdf forms and view and review engineering drawings. I have been writing a fillable pdf using a program called PDFill which allows the use of javascript between fields in the document.

    I am very new to javascript (started learnng about it last week) and I have found solutions to copy data as I wish, however I cannot get the pdf form to generate a confirm or alert box. I am trying a variant of the following code:

    var r=confirm("Press a button");
    if (r==true)
    alert("You pressed OK!");
    alert("You pressed Cancel!");

    Is it possible to generate alert boxes in a pdf?



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    Adobe Acrobat ?


    use Adobe PDF creator (Adobe Acrobat) ?

    Tutorial see http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/20..._windows_part1

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