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Thread: Photo Galleries Javascript

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    Thanks. The first option done the trick and facilitated the tidy up of a whole lot of images. Thanks also for advising on the alternative options.

    Venturing further I have another situation that has a list of 10 small images that facilitate the background assembly for a captcha script. It would likewise be good to put all the background images in a folder out of view. It seems like the same Javascript situation as before mentioned.

    However this might get me into trouble as this now ventures into PHP!

    The line of script is as follows:

    $image = imagecreatefromjpeg("background$bgNum.jpg");

    I have tried putting the images in a folder called 'album' and amending the script as follows:

    $image = imagecreatefromjpeg("./album/background$bgNum.jpg");

    It did not work but am I on the right track??


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    Perhaps some other members of this forum can help with the PHP part,
    but that is something above my pay grade.

    If you get no responses, you might try a different section of this webpage.

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    Javascript image gallery

    Please find the image gallery demonstration in Javascript in the page


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