I hope this doesn't sound too complicated, but one of my friends came up with a brilliant idea for my blog, but I have no idea where to even begin with this.

I have very little experience with html, but I know enough to manipulate colors, images, and text on my site.

The idea she came up with is this:
She wants me to create a program/page where users can create a shopping list by selecting the items I have listed, and then turn that list into a meal plan on a calendar. I would like to link in recipes and make it so that users can also add in their own ingredients and recipes.

I was thinking that Javascript would be best, but like I said, I know little to nothing about this. I have seen on other websites where users can check off items and then make it into a printable shopping list, but this would take it that step further to make a meal plan. I also wouldn't be opposed to making this seperate like making it where they could make the list, print it, and then transfer the ingredients into the meal planner. I am currently using blogger for my website.

Any ideas on how I can do this or even get started on this?