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Thread: How to create ActiveX object of updated Internet Explorer

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    How to create ActiveX object of updated Internet Explorer


    I have a VB script code which creates an activex object for internet explorer.

    Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    IE.visible = true
    IE.navigate "http://www.google.com"
    This code creates a browser object of IE6, then loads the given url

    I was using this code from long time on IE6 and it is working fine.
    However I recently updated my IE6 to IE8 browser from then I am facing an issue.

    It is creating the browser obect of IE6, then loads the given url in a new tab of IE8.

    Note: when I open help->About of the browser opened by my script IE version of the browser is showing as IE8 however it is looking like IE6.

    So how to create the browser object of the latest IE?

    Please suggest!!


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    i am trying to do some thing with filesystemobject and it doesnt work in pocket internet explorer although it works well in desktop internet explorer.
    Actually, the filesystem gets managed differently in a pocket pc and desktop pc.

    File system management is completely managed by OS, if the filesystem activex object is not supported by OS then script will not get an object.

    I suppose your pocket pc is not supporting the filesystem activex object. I mean, filesystem object was not a registered COM object in your pocket pc.

    Any one knows how to resolve the IE object issue with the upgraded browser.

    Please suggest.

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    It works correctly for me... every time it opens a new window in IE8. maybe the problem with your installation.. try reinstalling IE

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    Yes It seems, my browser was not upgraded properly..... i have to reinstall.

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    After creating my windows user profile again. Its working fine.

    Still not sure of whats the problem.


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