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Thread: Zoom Out for lower screen resolution ...

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    Zoom Out for lower screen resolution ...

    Hello Guys ...
    I am new here and this is my first post ...
    I have ran into a design flaw I didn't pay attention to while developing ...
    I run my screen on 1920 X 1080 .... And while developing I chose the size of graphics and layout which looked good on my screen ...
    But now that I near completion of my site ... I realized that more than 90% of my site audience is going to be running screens at much lower resolutions ... 1024 X 768 kind of or even lower ...
    My site looks huge and all the content from the sides merges into the center ...

    Is there any way I can zoom out the client browser to an appropriate value so that the site looks gud on their lower resolution and I don`t have to redesign the entire site ???

    Please help me ...
    I am really looking forward to getting answers because while developing also I used to refer the forums for issues I ran into ...

    Thanks in advance ...

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    You could set a fixed min-width on the site so it will extend to the needed width for all content to look correct.

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    Setting max width for the site makes it look out of proportion .... Any effect like zoom out ??? Can`t I instruct the client browser to zoom out ???

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