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Thread: Need help with menu overlapping

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    Need help with menu overlapping

    Hi guyz,

    i hope someone will be able to help me.

    First the links:

    If you hover over the menu section Get Involved the menu items expand over the script, Which is good. That is how I want it.

    But here:

    the script is not overlapping, although it is the same script just different skin.

    To be honest I am not quite sure if its the scripts css that is doing it or the scripts itself but after testing the scripts it seems like it is the css.

    Just need to know where to look for it in the sheet and what to look for.

    Sorry I am quite new to all this and would really need serious help.

    Thanks again.


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    just set the z-index to 101 and that will work

    i didnt get too deep into the code, that was the first thing i check.. now you know where is the problem

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    That one worked..

    Thanks very much.

    PS: I changed the 101 to 1 and it worked perfectly



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