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Thread: Review my nearly finished site

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    Review my nearly finished site

    I've been working on this baby for a while now. it's an online store that sells spray lubricants and fragrances....lol I know weird combination.

    Super Slick Slick Stuff

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    Thumbs up Great site, I like!

    Looks great but the 'Uses' bar does not refresh properly, it seems to stick on a highlight as you pass over it some times.

    I also noted that some product details are a little vague, for instance is the 'fishing reel lub' for sea or course fishing? A minor point. I also noted a comment in the review of the fishing reel lub that was asking a question instead of offering a review, maybe a link in your 'Generate review' to 'Ask a sales advisor' would prevent this, or if the questions are asked here then updates and answers could be added by staff.

    As a novice that is teaching himself web development I like the overall approach of the site and find it inspiring. New ideas are popping off in my head as I'm typing this. (Don't panic, I don't copy anybody! )

    One other thing I noted was that there is no proper 'Introduction' to who or what the site is about, the 2 lines are very vague, and who or what is the site aimed at?

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    heh yeah i guess a little more detail in the reviews page would be in order.
    As for the actual product of the reel lube, I'm not sure, I'll have to ask the customer , but yeah the descriptions could be a little more engaging.

    And yeah the home page is kind of a place holder, as we still haven't figured out what should realy be ther, being that it's the most important page of the site.
    Anyway I'm glad you like it overall

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    Finally, a decent looking site asked to be reviewed!

    Well done so far. Now as weedy said, I would advise some products to have a bit more detail added, maybe measurements, etc.

    There are a couple of things to tidy up and as you said, the homepage as well, but a site I would be comfortable spending my money at. Good luck doing the finishing touches ....
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