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Thread: Php Image display help

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    Php Image display help

    I have a page whr pictures r been displayed from the directory..
    So when imgs r dr in directory it gets displayed in a page thru php code... Problem is whn dr s no image in dat directory den i get long error.. it irritates..

    Codes are below-

    $dirname = "directory-name/";

    $images = scandir($dirname);
    $ignore = Array(".", "..");
    foreach($images as $curimg){
    if(!in_array($curimg, $ignore)) {
    echo "<img src='directory-name/$curimg' /><br/>


    Please help me in displaying CUSTOM ERROR MSG IF NO images found in dat directory.

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    echo <img src="directory-name/$curimg"/> . "<br/> <br/>";

    There you go.
    "" doesn't allow image to be shown, you must use it this way.

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    I guess u didnt understand wt i meant to say...

    I want da imgs to be displayed from da directory n it gets displayed..
    but whn dr r no imgs in dat directory n whn i open dat page i get error like --

    Warning: scandir(snaps/) [function.scandir]: The system cannot find the path specified. (code: 3) in C:\xampp\htdocs\omg\images.php on line 337

    So wt i wanna is i dont want this error to be displayed anytime.. even if dr r no imgs in dat directory.. i hope u understood wt i m saying,.

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    Wrap the code in an if block that tests the directory name before trying to scan it:
    PHP Code:
    $dirname "directory-name/";
    // use "@" to suppress warnings from is_dir() and is_readable():
    if(@is_dir($dirname) && @is_readable($dirname)) {
    // do your stuff here

    PS: I'd suggest using proper English here instd of da chat shorthand, both to look more professional and to help those here for whom English is not their first language.
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    Thanks a lot .. Need a favour from you.. please help..
    Using same above Code
    - Can we display the image name below each n every imgs?
    - Is thr any way to display no of files in directory..?
    - Using above codes shws da images when there are files in directory n if not den nthn gets displayed dats fine.. but is it possible that when thr is no image to show some msg ? (onli when dr s no images in dat directory)


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