I have a project that uses xml to get data from PHP using JavaScript. I found a code to do that and I've been using it for a while now. Here is the code.

        function getData(communityID)
            downloadUrl("chartxml.php?communityID="+communityID+"&type=infrastructure", function(data) {

                var xml = data.responseXML;
                var chartData = xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("info");

                name = chartData[0].getAttribute("name");
                schools = chartData[0].getAttribute("schools");
                churches = chartData[0].getAttribute("churches");
                evacs = chartData[0].getAttribute("evacs");
                hospitals = chartData[0].getAttribute("hospitals");
                pharmacies = chartData[0].getAttribute("pharmacies");
                police = chartData[0].getAttribute("police");
                fire = chartData[0].getAttribute("fire");
                others = chartData[0].getAttribute("others");     
All of the variables inside the function (name, schools, churches, ......, others) are all global variables that I use to make a Google Chart. You can see it in this code.

          function drawChart() 
                var chartTable = new google.visualization.DataTable();
                var chart = new google.visualization.ColumnChart(document.getElementById('container'));
                chartTable.addColumn('string', 'Major Structure Type');
                chartTable.addColumn('number', '');
                chartTable.setValue(0, 0, "Schools");
                chartTable.setValue(0, 1, schools);
                chartTable.setValue(1, 0, "Churches");
                chartTable.setValue(1, 1, churches);
                chartTable.setValue(2, 0, "Evacuation Centers");
                chartTable.setValue(2, 1, evacs);
                chartTable.setValue(3, 0, "Hospitals");
                chartTable.setValue(3, 1, hospitals);
                chartTable.setValue(4, 0, "Pharmacies");
                chartTable.setValue(4, 1, pharmacies);
                chartTable.setValue(5, 0, "Police");
                chartTable.setValue(5, 1, police);
                chartTable.setValue(6, 0, "Fire");
                chartTable.setValue(6, 1, fire);
                chartTable.setValue(7, 0, "Others");
                chartTable.setValue(7, 1, others);
                chart.draw(chartTable, {width: 700, height: 400, title: name,
                          hAxis: {title: 'Major Structures', titleTextStyle: {color: 'red'}}
The Google Chart shows with the variable "name" as the title, but the other variables (from schools to others) have no values. I checked it with FirebugLite and it showed that ALL variables have values in it. I've been stuck here for almost 4 hours now. It has no errors or whatever, FirebugLite tells me that the variables have values but it doesn't display in the chart. HELP!