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Thread: javascript onclick

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    javascript onclick

    I'm wondering if I can ask for some help. I agreed to run a few link ads and when the advertiser checked the source code she asked that the javascript onclick language be removed.

    I'm a writer and therapist, not a developer - I had no idea I'd enabled it.

    Any help re where to look for the issue and what to do about it would sure be appreciated...


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    More Info...

    Here's the code in question...

    <p>By the way, cases of <a href="http://www.teenzeen.org/" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','outbound-article','http://www.teenzeen.org']);">teen alcoholism</a> may become even more complicated when a teenage alcoholic starts to experiment mixing alcohol with other substances.</p>

    Again, I have no idea as to how the onclick piece even got there...

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    java script is a software to run the file properly,dear enabled means your file or software is running don't worry about this ..update your java script...
    thanks for sharing.......

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