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    Project Management


    Does anyone have any recommendations for project management software (that can be hosted on my server) or online (cloud) solutions.

    I'd like to be able to share with users things like: documents, timelines, announcements etc. It's a small scale operation so something like Microsoft Sharepoint would be overkill.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    You can go for some web based project management softwares like zoho, assana, proofhub, podio. They have features like milestones, to-do lists, timesheets, file section, proofing tool, etc. I being a freelancer use proofhub as it is very user friendly and is light on my pocket. So you can also try them see if they suit your needs or not.

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    Project Management Software

    You might want to consider TeamworkPM. You can try it out for free if you are just handling 1-2 projects. However for multiple projects you will have to pay for the software. Nonetheless the price is still affordable, because they have different plans to suit your needs. All the features that you have mentioned above are incorporated in TeamworkPM. Hope this helps. :-)

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    Try Freedcamp ...I don't think you'll find a more affordable option.

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