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Thread: CSS/JS Fancybox on click opens on bottom of the page.

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    CSS/JS Fancybox on click opens on bottom of the page.

    Hi,i'm italian guy and i've started to use css/js from a few days. I'm workin' on a website for some friends rec studios and this morning was everythings ok,but from when i add a new menu and container my fancybox went crazy.. i've tryed to resinstall it and remove container and old menu but nothing.. i don't know how to fix this problem.. i'm a beginner so probably the solution is under my nouse..

    An online version is there : http://gstudiofficial.altervista.org/ . If you click on menu you will se the fancybox that open bad and at the bottom.. can anyone help me? Thanks!

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    I've solved,sorry! Was the location of the css of the fancybox that was incorrect! I was sure of not but i've re-uploaded everything and re-pasted the links and eveythings work! Thanks !

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