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Thread: Mootools 1.3.2 & IE8 Only Error, Object doesn't support property/method

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    Mootools 1.3.2 & IE8 Only Error, Object doesn't support property/method


    My script is throwing an error only in IE8. I'm using Mootools 1.3.

    The error thrown is:

    Object doesn't support this property/method.

    The IE8 debugger is telling me that the error is this (line in bold):

    append: function(original){
            for (var i = 1, l = arguments.length; i < l; i++){
                var extended = arguments[i] || {};
                for (var key in extended) original[key] = extended[key];
            return original;
    The above code is around line 380 in the uncompressed version. It's part of Object.extend.

    Now I am suspecting this is happening when I do a each on an array like object. This is the code I'm suspecting is triggering this:

    var self = this,
                    c = certManager.addedCerts,
                    e = window.expManager.workExp,
                    cA = this.cA = [],
                    eA = this.eA = [];
    The first array (c) is populated with numbers only. The second one (e) is populated with objects that have a store/retrieve going on.

    Basicly what I am doing at this point in the script is submitting a form thru ajax. I'm transforming the objects into arrays and then encoding them with JSON.

    Does anyone has any idea why this is happening?

    I'll post the URL if you guys need me to.

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    OK so fixed my problem. Apparently it was stemming from one of the fields that I had in my form. The field id was 'position' which clashed with something in IE8. Changed it to 'pos' and it now works.

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