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Thread: Javascript: PLS help me how to code this one!

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    Javascript: PLS help me how to code this one!

    how can i code this scrolling images? is there a template? the result must be like this..
    after clicking the left arrow, the center picture must move to the left and the right picture will move to the center. the right picture must be changed with a new one.. im planning to upload an album an i want to display it in this C:\Documents and Settings\alberto\De...l\picture.htmlway..

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    maybe this


    nice url C:\Documents and Settings\alberto\De...l\picture.html :-))))

    A better f.e. http://www.dhtmlsite.com/imagegalleries.php

    or see http://www.godlikesoft.de/index.php?...ucts&product=1

    Have fun !

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