Hi there,

I am trying to develop a local(LAN) website for local users with in my network.
This will be based on PHP using xampp server.
The basic purpose to make this site is to provide content(music, videos, games etc) and information to the users residing in my area.
As this is not a very new and unique idea, but I want to add some new features in it.

There are 100+ users in my Local area network , using same internet source through wired and wireless mean. I am providing them Internet facility(Private) of 10MBps(shared). So i want each of them to have a web portal over LAN, displaying their amount of activity over internet , their Downloading speed, their visits to websites over past month and much more.

These thing are hard to track for me , and if do track them somehow , it will be be way too difficult for me to update them regularly. But as we all know, the DSL MODEM or ROUTER records such information and updates in real-time, so why not get information from the Router/Modem and then display on my site. But Routers/Modems are not fully HTML based , they have built-in server, which is sending and receiving SECRET Commands.

I am using Netgear DGN 2000 Router, i tried to have a glance at the Source code(using Google Chrome Inspect Element) , but found nothing interesting. If someone knows about the Source code of such Router or has an experience of doing such an experiment or can guide me to a better way .. then please do not hesitate to share your information .. I am looking forward to to your input in my small but important work.

If you need further information about my work then please ask here!